Valfre Loves Coachella – Favorites for Music Festivals

Valfre Loves Coachella!


Valfre Holy Chic Muscle Tee – In Shoes we Trust


Valfre Hi Times Muscle Tee for Girls is smoking hot! Save the trees.


Valfre Vision Girls Muscle Tee – The ultimate message to boys. We can see through you.

Music festivals, parties, and hot club nights can only mean one thing… Summer is coming up fast!

I can’t wait to soak up the sunshine and the vibes with all the misfits, hipsters, and party animals!

Here are my official favorite selections for Coachella!

These shirts will keep you lovely ladies looking amazing all day and night long:

Those guys will never know what hit em, this summer is ours!

Girls of the world unite, lets party tonight!

Lena Dunham creator of HBO’s hit series Girls has Valfre Pussy Power



Thank you Lena Dunham for posting pictures of our Pussy Power Girls T-shirt and our Girls Rule Journal Book to your Instagram!

We love your hit TV show Girls, and we are happy you love your Valfre crew and Journal book. Girls Rule!

Check out more great art and fashion at our site and look your best for the summer!



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