Sia’s Chandelier – Video Inspiration – Valfre

Sia’s Chandelier – Video Inspiration

Valfre Official Video of the Week – Sia’s Video is on replay all day!

Check it out – I can’t stop listening to this great video.

Maddie Ziegler is part of the TV show Dance Moms and in this video she breaks away from the reality show scene into a more creative and mature role. Her routines in the video are impressive and emotionally charged. Maddie’s dancing is truly impressive, she makes the video interesting. She really does a great job in re-creating the tiny version of Sia. Her body tells the story of Sia being faced by her demons, and you can see her staring at walls, pointing fingers and making horror like faces. They never objectified any part of her dancing. They just wanted to show the dark side that people with addictions are faced with, and they totally nailed it. Maddie really took it to another level in Sia’s Chandelier.

Enjoy it Girls!

NYLON Magazine Features Ilse Valfre – Los Angeles Interview

NYLON Magazine Feature Interview with Artist Ilse Valfre in Los Angeles

NYLON Magazine has girl power  - they did a feature on me!


Valfre in the News – Ilse Valfre Featured in NYLON Magazine


Ilse Valfre – NYLON Magazine Interview


NYLON Magazine interview – Ilse Valfre in Los Angeles.

Valfre in the News Again – Check out And Share this cool interview.

Thank you so much for the feature NYLON Magazine … XoXo

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Idol: Edward Gorey


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He is one of my all time favorite artists.

Edward St. John Gorey was an American writer and artist noted for his illustrated booksHis characteristic pen-and-ink drawings often depict vaguely unsettling narrative scenes in Victorian and Edwardian settings.


Gorey is typically described as an illustrator. His books may be found in the humor and cartoon sections of major bookstores, but books such as The Object Lesson have earned serious critical respect as works of surrealist art. His experimentations – creating books that were wordless, books that were literally matchbox-sized, pop-up books, books entirely populated by inanimate objects – complicates matters still further. As Gorey told Richard Dyer of The Boston Globe, “Ideally, if anything were any good, it would be indescribable.” Gorey classified his own work as literary nonsense, the genre made most famous by Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear.


edward gorey

In response to being called gothic, he stated, “If you’re doing nonsense it has to be rather awful, because there’d be no point. I’m trying to think if there’s sunny nonsense. Sunny, funny nonsense for children – oh, how boring, boring, boring. As Schubert said, there is no happy music. And that’s true, there really isn’t. And there’s probably no happy nonsense, either.”

A rare interview he did for a documentary based on his life and work.